Those pages are dedicated...

...To the logical game its name I dont know. So i called it StoneEater, as a memory to this game on IS at FI-MU Brno....

Also this game is deditaed to my sister, because she wanted it, and she had birthday... so here it is...

 25.6. 09

  • possibility to try again same level
  • one button reset
  • possibility to change animation speed


24.6. 09

  • absolutely customizable color schemas
  • 1-8 colors on playground
  • random levels (of course)
  • absolutly resolution independent
  • well-arranging animations

how to install it

  1. download the version your phone match.
  2. unpack
  3. get the both files  (JudoVanaSE.jar,JudoVanaSE.jad)
  4. somehow to the phone (bluetooth...)
  5. run JudoVanaSE.jad - this will install application somewhere into your phone
    • Some telephones writes at this moment ",,, untrusted application. Download it..."
      1. this application is not on any blacklist or something like it. It just means that vendor - me -is unknown
      2. download will NOT CONNECT TO web., because necessary jar is already in yout telephone. This download connect to web only for commercial application when you have just jad in phone and jar is somewhere in the store.
  6. run Judovana's Free StoneEater (somewhere in game and more)

f you do not belive me taht the JAR's are clear, you can download the sourcecodes and buidt it yourself.

Some screenshots


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